Online Medical Tools – Good or Bad

The internet has helped mankind immensely since it’s inception. That is not even in doubt. Information has never been more readily available. If we want to find out anything about anything, we just hit up Google and search away.

Now… it’s not all good. Many people say that this information can be misleading. Never is this more evident than when we are talking about medical information online. If you have any symptoms, you can jump online and try and work out what’s going on.

I will go through the pros and cons of having medical tools that are free to use for everyone.



1) Firstly you can be anywhere in the world and get information – If you are miles from anyone, you can still jump online and get the information you want.

2) You can save yourself a lot of money when buying medicines online – You also have a lot of options when you have the whole world to buy from. You can buy anything from heart medicine to something to help with curing your hemorrhoids.

3) Anytime – With real life doctors you need to book yourself in and visit during the doctors working hours. However online is available 24/7

4) It’s cheaper – It’s not hard to get a bill of over 100 dollars just to go and see a doctor, and that’s before you actually get anything done.

5) Confidentiality – Online means you get to stay at home and don’t have to be embarrassed with a visit to the doctor. Particularly if it is for something that you don’t want your family and friends to know about.



1) Confidentiality – Yes, I also had this on the Pros. When you send information online, it is floating out there in cyberspace. If you happened to use a ‘dodgy’ website this information could be used for things you didn’t want.

2) It’s not a face to face with a real doctor – Diagnosis is always going to be better with a face to face meeting with a doctor. When they can examine you and look you over they are going to be a lot better at working out exactly what is wrong with you and how to handle it.

3) Drug pushing – The fact is that some of these sites out there are just trying to push their drugs. You may think it is a legitimate site, but their only goal is to sell you what they are selling.

There you go. That’s a couple of the pros and cons of the online medical world. On a personal level, I wouldn’t use a online medical tool unless it is only a minor thing. Even then I do love a face to face meeting. It just makes you feel more confident in the diagnosis. But… well… it’s up to you whether you want to use them or not.

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